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With age comes physical, emotional, and financial vulnerability. A decline
in cognitive and physical ability makes seniors targets for abuse. There
are laws against elder abuse — and if your loved one suffers nursing
home abuse in Iowa, we can help.

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Recognizing Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is sometimes called a silent crime because its victims are
fearful — or unable — to make their injuries known. According
to the Iowa Elder Abuse Initiative, approximately one in nine seniors
in the United States reported being abused, exploited, or neglected in
2010. Elder abuse can trigger serious illness, cause injury, and lead to
wrongful death.

With the aging of the Baby Boom generation, the Administration on Aging
(AOA) estimates there will be more than 72 million Americans 65 years
or older by 2030 — double the number in 2000. Elder abuse occurs
to seniors of all backgrounds and is usually inflicted by caregivers or
other trusted persons.

Signs of Elder Abuse

Types of elder abuse include:

  • Physical abuse: Malnutrition, poor hygiene, unkempt appearance, and development of pressure
    sores are symptoms of nursing home abuse. In any residential setting,
    sudden injury, marks, bruises, or complaints of sexual injury should be
    taken seriously and immediately investigated.
  • Emotional abuse: Social or emotional withdrawal, especially in the presence of caregivers
    can be a sign of emotional abuse. Growing distrust, anger, agitation,
    and secrecy can be symptoms of abusive treatment taking place out of view
    of relatives.
  • Financial abuse: Changes in banking arrangements, unpaid bills, and drained savings accounts
    are serious signs of financial abuse of the elderly. Once victimized by
    unscrupulous relatives or scam artists, seniors can find themselves impoverished for life.

While it is difficult placing an elderly family member in residential care,
it is more traumatic to suspect an abusive situation.

If your elderly loved one has suffered an injury, we look at factors that
contribute to nursing home abuse, including:

  • Inadequate training or screening of staff
  • Negligence
  • Inappropriate staffing levels
  • Over-medication or physical restraint used to confine patients
  • Inappropriate or inattentive security

Iowa laws support the right of every senior to live with dignity and in
safety. If you suspect nursing home abuse, our law firm immediately can
help your family pursue compensation through legal action for the losses
and injury suffered. We can help — we can give you hope.

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