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Advocating for children injured in drowning and diving accidents

Swimming pools provide recreation and exercise for families in Iowa. However, negligence can make a pool one of the most dangerous places, especially for children and teens. Most drowning deaths and diving accidents could have been prevented if pool owners had taken simple precautions.

The Hope Law Firm, PLC represents Des Moines families in wrongful death and personal injury claims. Our premises liability lawyers focus on cases involving children who have sustained pool, playground, camp and trampoline injuries caused by negligent design, poor supervision and other factors that put children in danger. We understand the heartbreak you feel when your child has needlessly suffered because of another person’s or a corporation’s negligence. We can help you obtain the maximum possible compensation on your child’s behalf. Our goal is twofold: to achieve justice in your case and to prevent the tragedy from happening to another Iowa family.

Accidental drowning prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 10 people die every day from accidental drowning. In fact, drowning is the fifth-leading type of fatal accident. Children between one and four years old are the most likely to drown. Factors that contribute to the high number of drownings include:

  • Lack of training, especially for small children
  • Insufficient pool barriers to keep kids out
  • Inadequate supervision by lifeguards or responsible adults
  • Failure to wear flotation devices
  • Alcohol use
  • Medical conditions

Public and residential pool owners can prevent drowning by addressing these factors.

Iowa laws governing pool safety

Iowa statutes mandate that all pools be enclosed by a fence at least four feet high made of material that cannot easily be climbed by toddlers and having no gaps through which small children could enter. The owner must be able to lock the pool gates and doors, which also must be self-latching.

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act requires covers over all suction outlets. The law is designed to prevent pool suction ports from entrapping swimmers’ skin, hair and bathing suits, which can result in drowning. Children are at greatest risk because of their small bodies and tendency to play games in the pool.

Diving and waterslide accidents

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center claims that diving is the fifth-leading cause of spinal cord injury for women and the fourth for men. The fact that these accidents are mostly confined to the summer months highlights the prevalence of diving and waterslide injuries. A diver who hits the bottom of the pool may suffer permanent paralysis. Pool owners can prevent dive accidents by:

  • Posting warning signs indicating shallow water and diving risks
  • Supervising swimmers, including enforcing no-diving rules
  • Clearly marking the pool depth
  • Installing diving boards so divers hit the water at the correct depth
  • Ensuring adequate lighting in the pool area
  • Limiting alcohol use near the pool

Design elements may also contribute to an increased risk of diving injury. For example, the diving board may be positioned in a deep area, but the diver may nonetheless land on an improperly sloping contour at the bottom of the pool.

Get help if your child has been injured in a pool accident

The Hope Law Firm, PLC helps Des Moines families recover on behalf of their children who have been injured in pool accidents. Help your child obtain compensation for injuries by calling (515) 298-5056 or by contacting us online. Your case evaluation is complimentary. Under our contingency fee arrangement, you pay no lawyer fees unless we recover damages for you.

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