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Truck accident

Des Moines Truck Accident Injury Attorney

Holding trucking corporations and drivers accountable

Commercial vehicles tend to be larger and heavier than cars or light trucks. For this reason, when they crash into a smaller vehicle, they usually cause catastrophic injuries. Drivers of garbage trucks, tankers, logging trucks, farm equipment, delivery vans, and tractor-trailers have a huge responsibility to operate these vehicles with caution. Unfortunately, reckless drivers and their employers often violate the law and put people’s lives at risk.

In Des Moines, The Hope Law Firm, PLC handles the most challenging personal injury truck accidents. Our lawyers investigate whether the driver and company were in compliance with federal and state regulations and other factors related to a claim. We then develop a strategy for recovering the maximum possible damages for injuries.

Garbage truck accidents

A sanitation driver must often multitask while looking for the trash put out for pickup and keeping both eyes on the road. The truck makes many stops and starts, so its movements are unpredictable. In addition, the design of a garbage truck creates many blind spots. These factors put pedestrians and bicyclists in particular danger. Getting hit by a garbage truck may result in head, spinal cord and crush injuries consistent with being run over or dragged.

Tanker truck accidents

Tankers are designed to carry liquids and gases, including highly flammable petroleum products. When a tanker crashes, volatile liquids may explode or catch fire. Motorists hit by a tanker truck may suffer severe burn injuries in addition to other common auto accident injuries.

Delivery truck collisions

Major retailers and package delivery services promise next-day deliveries in designated timeframes, putting drivers under pressure to comply with challenging terms. Delivery vehicles typically ride through residential neighborhoods and business districts populated by many pedestrians, bikers and slow-moving motorists. Often, the delivery driver is looking at street signs, building numbers, a GPS system and available parking spots instead of the road. These multiple distractions can jeopardize the safety of a child crossing the street, a cyclist biking in the bike lane or a motorist stopping at a red light. A motorist hit from behind, even at slow speed, may sustain whiplash and herniated discs. Pedestrians may suffer head injuries and fractures.

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The Hope Law Firm, PLC takes on challenging commercial truck accidents. After reviewing your accident at a no-risk free consultation, one of our lawyers can give you a candid assessment of your anticipated recovery. Call our personal injury law firm at (515) 298-5056 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.