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To write "starting a business isn't easy" may be an understatement. From raising funds to branding to ensuring your new venture follows legal regulations appropriate to its state, country, and industry, business owners have a lot to tackle if they want to develop a successful enterprise.

At Hope Law Firm, our Des Moines business formation attorneys are here to help you lay the legal foundation for your business. To schedule a consultation with our team and work with attorneys who can help make your dreams a reality, contact us online or via phone at (515) 298-5056.

Understanding Business Formation in Iowa

If you want to start a business in Iowa, understanding the different types of business formations available to you is crucial.

Generally, your business will fall into one of the following four categories.

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship ship is owned and run by a single person, for their benefits. A common example of a sole proprietorship may be a therapist's office owned and ran by one psychologist with no employees.

Sole proprietorships have a number of benefits - they suffer from the least regulations, the owner receives full profits, and they're very flexible. However, owners are also responsible for all business debts, transferring ownership to another individual can be difficult, and they hamstring a business owner's ability to differentiate between personal and business income.


General and limited partnerships are generally owned by two or more partners. General partnerships are more open and do not require formal agreements, while limited partnerships are more regulated and do require formal agreements to operate.

Partnerships allow individuals to share resources and income from a business easily. Additionally, they're more flexible and generally easier to manage than a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). However, partners are responsible for debts and losses, selling a partnership can be difficult, and disputes between partners can easily derail a business.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

LLCs are somewhat similar to limited partnerships, allowing owners to enjoy less responsibility of liabilities their operation accrues while also making income easy to manage. Because LLCs often mitigate the disadvantages of partnerships and corporations, it's a popular type of business for small business owners.

However, distinguishing ownership and completing all the paperwork needed to start and own an LLC can be complex and costly. For this reason, the barrier of entry for LLCs is higher than partnerships and sole proprietorships.


Forming a corporation is often the easiest way for individuals to run a larger-scale business operation. Corporations also allow the owner to separate themself from the business more easily, meaning corporation owners are less liable for debts and losses. It's also easier to sell or transfer ownership of a corporation than it is to do the same for other business types.

However, setting up a corporation is complex and costly - even more so than establishing an LLC. Additionally, corporations are often taxed differently than other types of businesses.

Why Do I Need a Business Formation Lawyer?

Understanding the best business type for your operation can be difficult, and business formation lawyers can help you set up the best business for your needs - that includes ushering you through paperwork and business agreements.

Perhaps more importantly, however, a business formation lawyer can help you guarantee that your business fully complies with state-based and federal industry regulations. Legal requirements for different businesses vary wildly from industry to industry, and the costs of failing to comply with industry-specific regulations can easily cripple a business. Utilizing business formation lawyers helps ensure that you don't run afoul of rules and regulations, enabling you to focus on the day-to-day operations that define your enterprise.

At Hope Law Firm, our Des Moines business formation lawyers are here to ensure you make the best decisions for your business.

To schedule a consultation with our team and learn more about our methods, contact us online or via phone at (515) 298-5056.

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