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Whether you've experienced a severe car accident, a workplace injury, medical malpractice, or are facing an impending divorce, you may find yourself asking, "Why me?" However, a more constructive question to ask is, "Where do I go from here?"

At Hope Law Firm, your choice of legal representation is the right one. With over 125 years of combined litigation experience, we have successfully handled over 100 bench and jury trials in State and Federal Courts throughout Iowa. Additionally, we have resolved over 1,000 mediations and alternate dispute resolutions and represented over 5,000 clients across the state. Year after year, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for injured Iowans. Our attorneys possess exceptional problem-solving, negotiation, and trial skills, along with the sensitivity to provide private counsel and the determination to represent you assertively.

Whether you require compensation for personal injury or workers' compensation claims, are involved in a child custody or divorce dispute, facing criminal charges, navigating Iowa helmet laws, or dealing with mistreatment by your insurance company, you deserve high-quality legal representation from a trusted firm. If you're at a critical point in your life and need legal assistance, we are here to offer help and hope.

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How We Can Assist You

As a full-service law firm, we cater to diverse clients from all walks of life. Despite the variety of our practice areas, one thing remains consistent: the quality of our representation. Regardless of our clients' unique needs and challenges, we maintain a steadfast commitment to being the firm they can rely on for success. Our Ankeny attorneys possess the experience, skills, and determination you seek. With our results-driven approach and compassionate service, we are a formidable force in several areas of the law. Hope Law Firm is here to help you forge ahead.

As a full-service law firm serving clients throughout Iowa, Hope Law Firm is the team you can trust with even the most complex or sensitive legal matters. We provide reliable and effective legal counsel to individuals, families, and businesses alike.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Family Law: From divorce and child custody disputes to adoptions and protective orders, we handle a wide range of family matters. Our divorce attorneys in Ankeny are ready to answer your questions, provide case updates, and help you achieve a favorable resolution that propels you forward.

  • Personal Injury: In the aftermath of an accident, you face mounting medical bills, lost wages, and concerns for your physical well-being. Let Hope Law Firm handle the legal aspects while we pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

  • Insurance Claims: Don't let the insurance company shortchange you or deny your claim without a fight. With Hope Law Firm on your side, you can obtain the settlement you deserve. We fearlessly enter the courtroom and are prepared to go to trial if necessary.

  • Criminal Defense: If you've been charged with a crime, your future and freedom are at stake. Our Ankeny criminal defense team will fight to protect your rights from law enforcement and prosecutors.

  • Estate Planning: To ensure your assets and possessions are distributed according to your wishes after your passing, it's crucial to develop a comprehensive estate plan that includes a will or trust, powers of attorney, and other legal instruments. At Hope Law Firm, our experienced estate planning attorneys in Ankeny can assist you in achieving your goals.

  • Real Estate: If you require legal assistance with a real estate transaction, our Ankeny real estate attorneys are here to help. We provide representation for FSBO transactions, residential and commercial purchases and sales, title opinions, Title Guaranty Certificates, landlord-tenant disputes, and disclosure obligations.

In every case we undertake, our firm remains committed to your well-being. We never waver in our client-focused, results-driven approach. Seek help, embrace hope – choose Hope Law Firm.

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