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Degrees of burns

Burns are classified by degrees, depending on the level of damage done
to the skin and underlying tissue and organs:

  • First-degree burn — First-degree burns are the mildest type, but they can be very
    painful and uncomfortable. Damage occurs to the outer layer of the skin
    and may leave blisters and dry patches. Usually, medical intervention
    is unnecessary.
  • Second-degree burn — Second-degree burns can result in partial or total destruction
    of the entire epidermis and the dermis. The victim may experience pain
    or loss of sensation in the affected area. Excision and skin grafts may
    be necessary.
  • Third-degree burn — Third-degree burns destroy all layers of the skin and penetrate
    to the subcutaneous tissues. The wound takes on a leathery appearance
    but produces no pain. Emergency medical treatment and rehabilitation are
    necessary, and victims are left with scarring and disabilities.
  • Fourth-degree burn — The most severe, this type of burn destroys the entire skin and
    extends to the underlying muscle and bone. Survivors must undergo extensive
    medical treatment and may endure lifelong disabilities and deformities.

If you suffered any type of serious burn, our lawyers can help.

Types of burns

Burns originate from various sources, including:

  • Thermal burn — Thermal burns arise from extreme heat caused by fire, scalding
    water, steam or hot objects.
  • Chemical burn — Contact with toxic household or industrial chemicals can cause
    chemical burns.
  • Electrical burn — Electrical sources, such as live wires, outlets and arcs, can
    burn the skin and penetrate to the tissues beneath.
  • Radiation burn — Incorrectly calibrated medical equipment or tanning beds can result
    in excessive radiation and consequent burns.
  • Friction burn — Bicyclists and
    motorcyclists involved in traffic accidents may sustain friction burns that occur when
    exposed skin slides across the pavement.

A burn destroys the skin and underlying tissues. The amount of destruction
to your body depends on the degree of burn you sustained.

Long-term prognosis for burn injury victims

Burn victims face acute, immediate crisis and long-term complications.
Our lawyers consult with specialists who deal with burn-related disabilities
and treatment to calculate long-term damages for:

Increased risk of infection Compromised immune function Higher risk of cancer Immobility of affected joints Skin stiffness and discomfortLoss of sensation in wound area Severe pain Scars and deformities Permanent disabilities Emotional distress

Medical treatment for third- and fourth-degree burns is often extensive
and painful. Common burn treatments include excision of the burnt flesh,
skin grafts to cover the wound with healthy skin, and intensive rehabilitation
and physical therapy.

Recover for your burn injuries

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