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Distracted driving

Dealing With Distraction: The Problem Of Unsafe Drivers

Our firm provides aggressive legal service to individuals and families injured by the actions of distracted drivers. While almost all drivers are distracted at some point, it is the nature and duration of specific distractions that can kill. While some forms of distraction remain consistent, other forms of distraction, primarily from mobile or in-cab electronic devices, contribute to a higher degree of danger for motorists who use them, and those who drive near them.  

Consider these types of dangerous activities: 

  • Whether communicating via cell phone, hands-free or via voice-to-text computer, all forms of electronic communication increase the chances of an accident. Hands-free communication is no safer than talking on a hand-held phone, and research from Texas A&M found that voice-to-text communication offers no safety advantages. 
  • While Iowa law prohibits texting while driving, the law is a secondary offense. Law enforcement cannot charge a distracted driver with texting unless it is in the context of another vehicular violation. As written, the law has limited use to deter drivers who text in our state. 
  • People of all ages use mobile electronic devices to take pictures, usually of themselves, while driving. Taking a so-called “selfie” is a dangerous distraction. A photograph taken while driving can have potentially disastrous consequences. 

There is no safe way to drive without paying attention. If injured by someone who thought otherwise in Des Moines, speak with experienced legal counsel.