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Dog Bites and Financial Responsibility In Iowa

In a scene repeated too frequently across the country, aggressive dogs attack, maul and kill people each year. While the young and the elderly are more likely to be victimized, the popularity of pit bull-type dogs, like the American Staffordshire terrier, increase the danger to people of all ages. 

While some communities enact breed-specific legislation, agencies like the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) look to the habits and abilities of dog owners as responsible for the tide of deadly dog attacks in this country. 

In Iowa, the owner of any dog who bites or threatens to bite is financially responsible for the actions of their dog, unless the animal was unlawfully provoked. In many cases, a claim is made through the homeowner’s insurance policy of the responsible party. 

Details of dog attacks Des Moines include: 

  • Do not taunt any dog or enter private property where a dog is kept without the permission and presence of the owner.
  • Small dogs can be as aggressive as larger dogs, but their bite causes less damage. If threatened by a dog, stand still and look away from the dog. If it attacks, feed it anything you can, including a coat, purse or book, and try to escape.
  • If bitten, seek medical care, report the bite to health authorities, take pictures of the scene of the attack and talk to an attorney about your injuries. 

More than four million people are bitten by dogs each year. Take the right steps if you are one of them.