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Types of Motorcycle Crashes & Accidents

Maximizing compensation for Iowa bike collisions

For many Iowans, motorcycles are more than a form of transportation; they are a way of life. Motorcyclists enjoy a sense of freedom and excitement as they ride through Iowa’s naturally beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, the careless conduct of others often creates unnecessary hazards.

The Hope Law Firm, PLC helps motorcycle accident victims in Des Moines and the surrounding communities. Our personal injury lawyers have a reputation for striving to obtain the best possible outcomes in every case. If you have been injured, Hope can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Single-bike wreck

Single-bike crashes occur when a biker wipes out and no other motorist is directly involved. However, just because no other driver ran into you does not mean you were negligent. In fact, many single-bike accidents result from poor street conditions or roadway obstructions. For example, a pothole or cracked concrete could send a bike toppling. A construction crew that leaves cones or trash behind creates a serious hazard. Also, you may run into an illegally parked car or improperly positioned roadway signpost.

A motorist’s failure to yield

Distracted and reckless drivers may not look before pulling in front of a motorcyclist. Often, the rider is unknowingly in the driver’s blind spot. Nonetheless, the driver is responsible for looking before switching lanes or making a turn. A motorcyclist who collides with a car, even at low speed, is at risk of catastrophic injuries from being thrown from the bike or crushed by the bike or car. You may take every precaution while passing a motorist and still get hit by a driver who fails to yield to you.

Intersection collision

Intersections pose risks from every side. A motorist may ram into you from behind when you stop at a red traffic light. Conversely, an uncertain motorist in front of you may unexpectedly stop at a corner at which you have the right of way, causing you to rear-end the car. In addition, you could get broadsided by a motorist who ignores a stop sign or red light before crossing the intersection.

Being thrown from a bike

One of the biggest dangers you face is being thrown from your bike, whether after hitting road debris or after being hit by a car. You can minimize potential injuries by donning essential safety gear recommended by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). However, despite wearing a helmet, you may still sustain severe brain damage or spinal cord trauma.

Obtain compensation for your motorcycle accident

The Hope Law Firm, PLC in Des Moines advocates for victims of personal injury, including cases involving motorcycle wrecks. Our team reviews and evaluates your claim during a no-risk free consultation. We then deliver a candid assessment of your options and potential outcomes. To give you the opportunity to pursue justice, our firm does not charge attorney fees unless we obtain compensation on your behalf. For more information about how we can help you, call our office at (515) 298-5056 or contact us online.