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High-Asset Divorce? Don’t File Alone

CNN said it well: if you have a high-net-worth divorce coming, it’s “absolutely” time for a lawyer. At Hope Law Firm, we’ve seen how overconfidence or inexperience can ruin a client’s chances of gaining a rightful settlement—so remember these things as a favor to yourself. Lawyers Know the Game In a high-asset divorce, there is […]

When Grandparent Visitation Is Denied, Take It to Court

Are grandparents important to a child? Very! There are three wonderful things that grandparents bring to their grandchildren. One, they give each child extra attention. Two, they have the wisdom of another time and place, and they teach children values, traditions, and another point of view. Three, most importantly, they shower children with love. These […]

Financial Support After Divorce In Iowa

Considering divorce means taking a hard look at your finances. How much money do you really make? Can you afford to continue paying for a house? What about health insurance? During the divorce process, one of the issues to be decided is the matter of financial support to the less-entitled spouse.  When it comes to […]

Child Custody: Understanding The Impact

A married couple moving toward divorce has a myriad of personal and financial concerns. Each partner is worried about their future, finances and the successful movement of their family through divorce. For children, a familiar life will be turned upside down, and the impact plays an important role in how parents conduct themselves during the […]

Considering Divorce In Iowa?

Divorce may be frightening and the process overwhelming. Obtaining information about divorce is an important first step. While each couple and each marriage story is different, the facts of divorce are similar.   When thinking about divorce in Iowa, consider these basic points:  Like all states in the county, Iowa offers no-fault divorce. The wrongdoing of […]

Who Gets What? Property Division During Divorce In Iowa

Along with custodial arrangements, the division of finances and property is often a contentious topic during divorce. Before you speak with your spouse about dividing property, do your homework.  During divorce you can make decisions with your spouse to divide assets and liabilities, or you can request the court make a ruling for you. Generally, […]


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