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News: Driver crashes into Bettendorf apartment building during assault

SCOTT COUNTY, IA -- A 72-year-old man crashed a car into a Bettendorf apartment building Wednesday afternoon during a physical altercation with a male passenger, reports WQAD.

The collision occurred on the north side of Williamsburg Apartments, located at 2950 Hawthorne Drive, at about 12:37 p.m.

According to Bettendorf Public Information Officer Lauran Haldeman, the driver was being physically assaulted by his 35-year-old son, a passenger in the vehicle, for a length of time as he traveled through the city streets.

Authorities said the victim continued receiving blows as his vehicle, a gray 2009 Toyota Camry, entered the parking lot of the complex along Hawthorne Drive. At one point, he lost control of the vehicle and accelerated, causing it to slam into the ground level apartment.

No serious injuries to the driver or anyone else were reported in the incident, but the male passenger was arrested for assault with injury. He has since been booked into Scott County Jail.

An initial evaluation of the impacted structure showed a $75,000 damage estimate.

An investigation was underway.

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