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News: Iowa man leaves damaged vehicle in the middle of the road

CALUMET, IA - A man is facing charges after abandoning a crash site Monday evening.

NWestIowa reports that a man was reportedly driving west on a gravel road when he lost control of his vehicle and it overturned multiple times. He drove the car into town after the accident and abandoned his vehicle in the center of the intersection of North Morse Avenue and West North Street after it became disabled.

Police attempted to make contact with the driver, but when approached by a deputy the driver ran into his home and refused to open the door. The deputy determined that he was uninjured and would attempt to contact him at a later date.

He was transported to a hospital the next day where he would later tell authorities what happened.

He was charged with failure to maintain control of his vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident resulting in an injury and failure to maintain of use safety belts.

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