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girl holding head after car accident

The Three Most Common Car Accident Injuries

When you are involved in a car accident, you do not always walk away unscathed. More than likely, you will suffer injuries that will require medical treatment and leave you with costly medical bills. To learn more about this, here are the three most common car accident injuries and how you can go about being compensated for your damages.

Broken Bones

In almost all car accidents, drivers and passengers suffer broken bones. This usually includes broken arms, legs, ankles, and ribs, since these parts of the body suffer the most significant impacts during a crash.


Along with broken bones, many car accident victims suffer neck injuries known as whiplash. Occurring when the vehicle suddenly stops yet the person's head is jerked violently back and forth by the impact of the crash, the result can be long-term muscle and ligament damage that requires months of treatment and physical therapy to heal.

Head Injuries

Whether this is a mild concussion or a more serious traumatic brain injury, head injuries are also very common in car crashes. Should your head strike the windshield or other parts of the vehicle during the crash, always seek medical treatment immediately. Whether or not you have visible injuries such as cuts or bruises, always get carefully evaluated by doctors, since brain injuries often fail to display immediate symptoms.

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