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Large truck

Large Truck Accidents

Large trucks account for a significant amount of traffic on Iowa roadways. Whether it’s a
tanker delivering fuel to a local gas station, or a cattle truck moving livestock to the farm, these large vehicles are a daily part of life in Iowa. But what happens when a large truck is involved in a collision with a passenger vehicle? Many people are simply not aware that accidents involving large trucks are very different from typical car crashes. In addition to their massive size, large commercial trucks also carry vastly different, and much larger insurance policies than the standard automobile. These policies come with teams of lawyers to minimize their risk, and a simple misstatement on your part can potentially invalidate any monetary compensation that you deserve. Contact a Des Moines Injury Lawyer Today.

Grim Figures Regarding Truck Accidents

Large truck accidents are surprisingly common. In 2013 alone, more than 325,000 large truck incidents occurred on American highways and roads. Over 3,500 of those incidents involved at least one fatality, with nearly 70,000 resulting in serious injury. Even more concerning is the fact that an overwhelming majority of these accidents occur on rural roads, like those that blanket the state of Iowa. In addition, the majority of these accidents involved another vehicle, and in some cases multiple vehicles were involved.

The Dangers Posed by Large Trucks and the Common Causes of Accidents

Large truck accidents have many causes, but as with most vehicle collisions they usually come down to driver error. Driving while drowsy, improperly secured or overweight loads and unsafe driving in inclement weather conditions are all very common causes of large commercial truck accidents. Hours-of-service rules regulate the amount of consecutive hours that truck drivers are permitted to work in a given shift. Truck drivers are allowed to drive up to 77 hours a week, in 11 hour stretches. However, in an industry that pays by the mile, time is money and many drivers violate even those seemingly excessive hours of driving time. With operators self-reporting sleep and driving time in their logs, it’s not a surprise that many drivers lie about their numbers to log more miles in less time. Studies have shown that this is a common occurrence, and one that can lead to drowsy or fatigued driving, which can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence.

The Hope Law Firm – Protecting the Rights of Accident and Injury Victims in Des Moines

At the Hope Law Firm, we excel in protecting you from the legion of corporate attorneys that commercial insurers have at their disposal. The commercial trucking industry is a billion dollar a year industry. As such, they can pay a veritable army of corporate litigators to defend their profits. We are your advocate and ally. We will stand by you through the entire process to ensure that your rights are not lost to negligent large trucking companies and their lawyers.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a large truck accident resulting in serious injury or death, contact the Hope Law Firm immediately. Large trucking companies and their insurance providers have teams of lawyers waiting in the wings. With us, so will you. Contact the Hope Law Firm today.