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What Should I Do Just After an Auto Accident?

Unfortunately, Iowa’s roads are not as safe as we’d like to think. In 2012, 365 people died in traffic accidents across the state and thousands sustained crash-related injuries and property damage. A traffic accident can leave a crash victim in pain, out of work and without a vehicle. Because the moments after a crash are critical, follow these post-accident tips and contact a Des Moines auto accident lawyer as soon as possible:

  • Stop and call for help

In Iowa, you are legally required to stay at the scene of an accident. If you flee after an accident wherein injuries occurred, you may face up to one year in jail and a $1,500 fine. Abide by the law and call 911 or the local police after a crash. You should also call your insurance agency to notify them of the accident.

  • Document the scene

While at the scene, be your own detective. Take down the contact information of any witnesses. Take photographs of the crash scene and the damage to the vehicles. If you were hurt in the crash, you should take detailed photographs of the injuries after you receive medical treatment.

  • Do not admit fault

When speaking with insurance agents, police officers or other drivers involved in the crash, you should not admit fault. Your insurance company should only get your contact information. You can provide a more detailed account of the crash after seeking the counsel of an experienced auto accident attorney in Des Moines.

After a car crash, a lawsuit helps the victim hold the wrongful parties accountable. This could result in monetary recovery for damages, such as vehicle repairs, loss of wages and medical expenses. At Hope Law Firm, P.L.C., our knowledgeable and aggressive team fights hard to obtain maximum compensation for your crash-related injuries.