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Vehicle Maintenance for Summer Road Conditions

Summer is a time of year when many Iowa families load up the car or motor home and hit the road. Whether you’re going to visit the Buddy Holly/Richie Valens/Big Bopper crash site memorial near Clear Lake, heading to see the famed covered bridges of Madison County, or just visiting grandpa and grandma, summer weather […]

Summer Safety for Kids

With Blank Park Zoo, as well as numerous parks, pools, and playgrounds, Des Moines is a great place to be a kid in the summer. But a dark cloud hangs over our city’s past in terms of child safety. It was in the summer of 1982 that 12-year-old Johnny Gosch disappeared while delivering The Des […]

High Profile Means High Danger

On any roadway, tractor trailers dominate the road — and the headlines after serious accidents. Because of the disparity in size between a semi-truck and a car or motorcycle, truck accidents are more likely to cause serious or disabling injury. To address the rise in fatalities from large truck accidents across the nation, the Federal […]

The Dangers Of Undetected Brain Injury

As an established personal injury law firm, our practice group represents clients and their families affected by serious injury. For those who suffer undetected brain injury, the consequences can be devastating.  Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by a blow, impact or penetration of the brain within the skull. During a serious car or slip […]

Drowsy Driving: Nobody Likes It, Too Many Do It

At some point, most drivers have driven drowsy. A recent study revealed that few motorists approve of drowsy driving, but too many drive that way.  The Automobile Association of America (AAA) conducts an annual survey about the American driving culture and motorist habits. This year, AAA notes the most appropriate statement about motorist safety with […]

Dog Bites and Financial Responsibility In Iowa

In a scene repeated too frequently across the country, aggressive dogs attack, maul and kill people each year. While the young and the elderly are more likely to be victimized, the popularity of pit bull-type dogs, like the American Staffordshire terrier, increase the danger to people of all ages.  While some communities enact breed-specific legislation, […]

Dealing With Distraction: The Problem Of Unsafe Drivers

Our firm provides aggressive legal service to individuals and families injured by the actions of distracted drivers. While almost all drivers are distracted at some point, it is the nature and duration of specific distractions that can kill. While some forms of distraction remain consistent, other forms of distraction, primarily from mobile or in-cab electronic […]

Nursing Care In Iowa: Failing To Make The Grade

A non-profit advocacy group used federally determined factors to compare nursing home care in states across the country. In this comparison, Iowa received a grade of F.  Families for Better Care is a Florida-based organization working toward better service and care for nursing home residents in the United States. In 2012, the group compared staffing, […]


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