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What Are My Responsibilities As A Tenant?

When signing a lease to rent a property, you may be concerned about what your responsibilities are as a tenant. You may see guidance listed for return and maintenance of the property in your leasing agreement, however, there are more legal obligations for tenants. Our Des Moines tenant/landlord attorneys share what every tenant should know.

Reasonably Maintain Cleanliness of the Property

As a resident, the tenant is responsible for reasonably maintaining the property during their leasing period. This means the disposal of trash as per your leasing agreement, as well as other cleaning obligations, such as keeping the home tidy through mopping, vacuuming, and other household cleaning measures. This can also include making small maintenance repairs for the home, like replacing the air filters or light bulbs. Poor cleanliness can lead to pest infestations, which can contribute to the overall deterioration of the property.

Not Purposefully Damage the Property

Accidental damage may happen while you reside at the property; however, you may be liable if you damage the property purposefully. If you notice property damage following a storm or unforeseen event, you must notify your landlord of the damage so they can schedule repairs. If the property is purposefully damaged by the tenant, they may face criminal charges pressed by the landlord.

Pay Rent On Time

While self-explanatory, tenants are responsible for paying their rent on time to their landlord, as described in the leasing agreement. The leasing agreement must include how the rent should be paid, the late payment date, and any penalties for late payments. If a tenant is unable to pay their rent on time or requires an extension, they must notify the landlord in writing to negotiate an extension and communicate when rent will be paid.

Des Moines Tenant/Landlord Attorneys

Signing a lease in a new area or with a new landlord can feel stressful, especially if your leasing agreement is different from the ones you have signed in the past. Our tenant/landlord attorneys can review your leasing agreement with you and help you understand what your obligations are for your rental agreement.

Are you signing a lease agreement and unsure of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant? Our tenant/landlord attorneys can help you better understand your rights in a consultation. Call us at (515) 298-5056 or contact us online to learn more.