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Defective Gifts Around the Holidays

Holiday gifting is so exciting, but that excitement soon loses its fizzle when gifts are defective. Defective toys may dishearten little ones, but they can also cause injury and harm if not properly handled.

If you suspect that you have been gifted a defective product, call our defective product lawyers today at (515) 298-5056.

Defective Gifts

After you learn that you have been given a defective gift, you should properly handle it to ensure no harm or injury is sustained. While heartbreaking as it may be, our Des Moines defective product lawyers explain how they can help this holiday season.

Defective Toys

Your little one’s eyes will probably light up when they receive their newest toys. But, broken or defective toys can dampen the holiday cheer. If they soon learn that the batteries shorted in their toy or the product is already broken, their hearts may break a little. However, a broken heart can heal faster than a broken bone, as almost 217,000 children make a trip to the emergency room for an injury resulting from toy use each year.

If you discover that your child’s holiday gifts are defective, retrieve the defective gift and put it in a safe place that your child cannot reach. Explain to your child that you are doing so for their safety and so their toy does not hurt them. Make sure to take photos of the defective toy and document the defect, so it can be used by your attorney.

Defective Machinery and Tools

All dad wanted for the holidays was a new power drill. But once he charges the battery and learns that the drill doesn’t work as planned, his drill might not have been the best gift. Defective machinery and power tools gifted this holiday season can include:

  • Power drills
  • Saws, both manual and electric
  • Sanders
  • Other carpentry tools

To keep everyone safe, take the batteries out and keep them away from the tool if it is an electric tool. An accidental short could cause bodily injury and put even more of a damper on your holiday festivities. Keep the power tool in a safe place and take photos of the visible defect if possible.

Call a Defective Product Lawyer

After documenting the defect in the product and keeping the product in a safe place, call a trusted defective product attorney. Your attorney will take your documentation and help you trace back the defect to the liable party. If you or a family member sustained an injury as a result of initial use of the defective product, your attorney can also help you file an insurance claim.

If you or a family member received a defective product this holiday season, call one of our experienced defective product lawyers today at (515) 298-5056 to schedule an initial consultation. Together, we can hold the manufacturer liable and protect your safety.