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News: Investigations into fatal Adventureland accident continue

ALTOONA, IA - Workers have removed a boat from the amusement park ride that killed a boy and injured his family members earlier this month, as part of an ongoing investigation into the fatal accident.

The Times-Republican reports that a crane was employed to lift the 1,700-pound boat out of the man-made channel of the Raging River ride at Adventureland. It was then loaded onto a trailer and transported to an undisclosed location, where it will be further examined.

The accident happened on the evening of July 3, when the boat suddenly overturned while the 11-year-old boy and five other family members were inside. The boy was killed in the incident, while his 16-year-old brother remains in the hospital, where he is sedated and hooked to an oxygen mask.

The boys' father was also injured, and has undergone surgery to repair broken bones.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing, and are being overseen by the Iowa Division of Labor.

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