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Skilled Legal Guidance with Homeowner Property Cases in Iowa

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You purchase homeowner’s insurance as a safeguard against the unthinkable, but serious damage to your home still comes as a heavy blow. Hope Law Firm, PLC helps homeowners who have sustained heavy losses to their real and personal property following natural or man-made disasters.

Collecting reimbursement

On top of dealing with what has happened to your home, the complicated legalese of insurance policies can be difficult to understand, causing serious confusion concerning what you are eligible to seek reimbursement for. In general, you should always include the following items in any homeowner property claim:

    • Structural damage
    • Damaged furniture and appliances
    • Clothes
    • Electronic devices
    • Jewelry
    • Family heirlooms

Your homeowner’s insurance may also cover you for the costs you endure living somewhere else while your home in West Des Moines, or elsewhere in Iowa, is being repaired.

Understand your rights. Get help from Hope Law Firm, PLC.

Having an experienced Iowa property damage attorney interpret your insurance policy is in your best interests. While all policies provide certain protections, they contain very strict terms and conditions regarding coverage. Some homeowners must buy supplemental insurance for certain types of water damage — including flooding — and other types of damage not covered under standard policies. Knowing the exact nature of your insurance policy can save you extensive grief and allow you to begin the process of repairing your home sooner rather than later.

At Hope Law Firm, PLC, we provide assistance when homeowners come to us after their house has been damaged or insurance companies have storm damage, fire insurance claims, flooding and other property insurance cases. We know when insurers are acting in bad faith and take immediate action to hold them accountable for the conditions outlined in their own legally binding contracts. We have decades of collective experience seeing homeowner property claims through to their successful resolution and can help you with yours.

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You can count on Hope Law Firm, PLC if you need assistance with your homeowner property claim. We offer free initial consultations, schedule evening and weekend appointments and can travel to your location to meet with you and view the extent of the damage your property has sustained.

Reach out to our downtown West Des Moines law office online or at 515-255-3559 to speak to a team member from our Iowa property damage law firm today.


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