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Close up of a person holding a credit card with one hand and typing on a laptop with the other.Since it is the responsibility of both parents to support their minor children, an Iowa court may order the noncustodial parent to pay a reasonable amount to the custodial parent. The judge is expected to follow the Iowa child support guidelines (established by the Iowa Supreme Court) unless doing so would be unjust or inappropriate. This is where Hope Law Firm comes in. Our Des Moines child support lawyers work to ensure you obtain a child support order that is appropriate for your personal situation and necessary for the proper care of your child.

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How Is Iowa Child Support Calculated?

Many states have guidelines for child support to avoid significant deviations in court decisions. In Iowa, courts use the Schedule of Basic Support Obligations. This document provides guidelines for payment based on the noncustodial parent’s share of the couple’s combined monthly income and takes into consideration the number of children the couple has. Those amounts are only for basic support.

Some couples may still find themselves arguing over expenses such as:

  • Private school tuition
  • College tuition and living expenses
  • Enrichment activities, including musical instruction, camp, travel teams, and other activities

The court has the discretion to order payments that would maintain the child in the position he or she would have enjoyed if not for the divorce. Our Des Moines child support lawyers have experience in high net worth divorces where these types of additional expenditures are often at issue.

What Age Does Child Support End in Iowa?

In Iowa, parents are legally required to pay child support until the child reaches the age of 18, although there may be some exceptions. Child support payments may end early or be reduced if the child becomes emancipated. It may also continue beyond the child’s 18th birthday if he or she is still in high school full time or requires special care.

Do You Still Have To Pay Child Support if You're Unemployed?

If you’re unemployed and receiving income via workers’ compensation, unemployment, or disability benefits, some of that income may be allocated towards child support payments.

Our Des Moines Child Support Lawyer Uses the Discovery Process To Compel a Fair Outcome

Whether you’re litigating an initial Iowa child support order or enforcing a previous order, the essential element you need for a fair outcome is complete financial disclosure from both spouses. When one spouse is able to hide assets or income, it’s impossible to make a correct determination of how much an obligor should pay.

The Des Moines child support attorney at Hope Law Firm uses the discovery process to obtain all pertinent financial documents and examine them for indications of asset transfers designed to deceive the court. Our thorough preparation in advance helps ensure excellent representation when we go to court.

Fight for Fair Child Support With Help From Our Des Moines Child Support Attorney

Despite guidelines, the courts in Iowa have a great deal of discretion when ordering child support. Our experience in family law negotiation and litigation helps parties get fair orders.

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