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Dissolution of Marriage in Iowa

If you’ve reached the point where you must dissolve your marriage,
it’s essential to understand your options under Iowa law. A divorce
attorney from Hope Law Firm patiently explains the law and answers your
questions so you can make a fully informed decision on how you’d
like to proceed.

Depending on your circumstances, you could choose:

  • Annulment — If your marriage was not valid at its formation, the law allows
    you to annul your union and treats you and your spouse as though you were
    never married. Grounds for an annulment include one of the spouses being
    party to a pre-existing marriage that was not legally dissolved, lack
    of capacity to contract a legal marriage, and impotence at the time of
    the marriage.
  • Divorce — A divorce dissolves a valid marriage, freeing each spouse to remarry
    if they desire. Divorce in Iowa is strictly no-fault, so neither party
    has to assert grounds or allege marital misconduct. To obtain a judgment
    of divorce, parties must resolve issues of alimony, child custody, child
    support, and the
    division of their marital property. Processes for resolving these issues include traditional negotiations,
    mediation, collaborative divorce, and trial in family court.
  • Legal separation — A legal separation resolves all the ancillary issues mentioned
    above and allows the parties to live separately but does not free the
    spouses to remarry. Individuals with a religious objection to divorce
    or those who need to stay married to remain eligible for benefits often
    choose legal separation.

If a defendant spouse is a resident of Iowa and able to be served personally
with dissolution of marriage papers, there is no residency requirement
for the petitioning spouse. Otherwise, there is a one-year residency requirement
before filing for divorce.

Family Law Issues Involving Children

Iowa family law is intensely concerned with the best interests of children
residing within the state.

Issues that we effectively manage during, after, and outside of divorce
proceedings include:

  • Child custody — We help our clients obtain fair terms for parenting plans that
    uphold their parental rights. We manage post-divorce disputes that arise
    after the court has approved a parenting plan, such as interference with
    visitation and
  • Child support — Iowa law recognizes the duty of both parents to support their
    children. We work to obtain fair child support orders based on the parties’
    true economic circumstances and help resolve disputes over child support payments.
  • Guardianship — If you have a loved one who lacks the capacity to live independently,
    we can help establish guardianship for their protection.
  • Paternity — We represent mothers, putative fathers, and children in actions
    to establish paternity and subsequently to resolve child support and visitation issues.
  • Fathers’ rights — Although Iowa family law is written to be gender neutral, fathers
    often feel that judges side unfairly with mothers in custody matters.
    Whenever necessary, we raise issues with the court to ensure our clients
    receive equal, unbiased treatment under the law.
  • Adoption — We help our clients welcome children into their home with full
    confidence that their new relationship is legally binding.
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Des Moines Family Law FAQ:

How do I choose the right family lawyer for my case?

When choosing a family lawyer in Iowa, consider their
experience and expertise in family law matters, their reputation and
track record of success, their communication style and approach to handling cases, and their compatibility
with your specific needs and goals. It's important to
schedule consultations, ask questions, and assess their knowledge and understanding of your unique

Do I really need a family law attorney?

While it is possible to handle certain family law matters on your own,
having a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney can greatly
benefit your case. Family law involves complex legal issues and emotional
considerations that can be overwhelming to navigate without professional
guidance. An attorney can provide legal advice, advocate for your rights
and interests, help you understand your options, negotiate on your behalf,
and ensure your case is properly presented in court if necessary.

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