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Balancing Benefits & Burdens When Custodial Parents Move Their Children

There are enormous challenges to coordinating a
custody and visitation schedule among people with busy lives. The greatest challenge
comes when a custodial parent decides to relocate at a distance that makes
the current joint custody or visitation routine impossible. Now, you’re
back in court, re-litigating a highly emotional issue that you thought
you’d finalized.

At Hope Law Firm, we understand the anguish parents feel when forced to
make hard choices with potential long-term consequences. We make sure
that you understand your legal options so that whether you’re trying
to get the court to approve your relocation or prevent your ex from moving
your children, you can make the right decision for you and your family.

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When Can a Custodial Parent in Iowa Relocate the Children out of State?

An Iowa
divorce decree sets specific parameters for custody and visitation. A custodial
parent cannot move the child to a distance that would cause hardship for
the noncustodial parent without first getting a new custody order. The
court may permit the move if, after weighing the burden on the relationship
between the child and the noncustodial parent against the benefit of the
move to the child, it decides the move is in the best interests of the child.

The noncustodial parent can attempt to block the move, arguing it would
be detrimental to the child, and even asking the court to grant physical custody.

Negotiating Time-Sharing Solutions That Serve Your Children’s Best Interest

At Hope Law Firm, we try to reach a negotiated agreement to which both
sides pledge to commit, rather than leaving the issue in the hands of
the judge. Our Des Moines relocation attorneys have helped parents work
out time-share agreements and adjusted
child support obligations to meet the new circumstances.

Most compromises involve joint custody arrangements where children live
with one parent while attending school and spend the summers and selected
holidays with the other. However, there are circumstances where negotiated
solutions are impossible, and we litigate these cases aggressively to
protect our clients’ parental rights.

Your relationship with your children is the most important one in your
life. In relocation cases, our
family lawyers work to assert your parental rights and promote the best interests of
your children.

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