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Seek Protection from Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can erupt at any time, but the stress of an impending
divorce often provokes such outbursts. In our
family law practice at Hope Law Firm, we often have to assist clients in getting
protective orders from abusive spouses. We file many of these orders on
an emergency basis under Iowa Code Chapter 236. If you sense that you
are in danger of domestic abuse, don’t hesitate to get legal protection.
We can help you take advantage of provisions in the law that protect you
and your children.

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Understanding Chapter 236 Protective Orders

Iowa law anticipates emergency situations arising when the court is unavailable
after the close of business on a weekday or during the weekend. At those
times, a petitioner may file an emergency petition with a district judge
or district associate judge.

The petitioner must show good cause for the court to issue a protective
order from domestic abuse in an
ex parte hearing. Basically, you – accompanied by your lawyer – meet
the judge without notice to the alleged abuser, who would not have the
right to appear and argue against you. If the judge is convinced you face
a present danger of domestic abuse, you can get an emergency order that
is good for 72 hours. That gives you time to petition for a temporary
order when the court reopens.

Our Des Moines domestic violence attorneys help clients get emergency orders,
temporary orders, and permanent orders of protection.

Temporary Child Custody in Emergency Situations

When you file for a Chapter 236 Protective Order, you can request that
the court grant temporary custody of your children. Courts are willing
to grant this request if for no other reason than to prevent children
from being used in a tug-of-war between parents. Take advantage of this
legal protection to keep your children safe, then work with our
child custody lawyers to obtain a permanent order.

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Don’t ignore a present danger of domestic abuse. Keep you and your
family safe with an emergency protective order.
Hope Law Firm is ready to help.

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