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At Hope Law Firm, we work diligently to secure a
divorce settlement or judgment that addresses your needs. In time, however, your needs may
change. If you are obligated to pay certain amounts in
alimony and
child support, you may suffer financial losses that make those payments unfairly burdensome.
On the other hand, if you’re dependent on those payments, any interruption
in support can cause hardship. Our modification attorneys represent payers
and recipients of support in post-judgment actions to modify or enforce
support orders.

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Remedies for Unpaid Child Support in Iowa

When noncustodial parents have the means to pay their child support obligations
but fail to do so, they face serious legal consequences.

The court is empowered to order numerous collection procedures, including:

  • Garnishing wages
  • Seizing assets in bank accounts
  • Intercepting tax refunds and lottery winnings
  • Suspending professional licenses and driver licenses
  • Incarceration for contempt of court

The court is rarely interested in why a person of means has not paid child
support. Parents who feel entitled to withhold child support because the
custodial parent is interfering with visitation only make themselves look
unreasonable in the eyes of the court. The best remedy for these parents
is an enforcement of their visitation rights.

Parents who experience financial setbacks that make it difficult to pay
the required amount may be able to get a modification of their support
order – but they must act as soon as possible to get a new order.
A court will not waive unpaid support that has accumulated due to the setback.

Terminating Alimony in Iowa When a Recipient Spouse Cohabits

Traditional and rehabilitative alimony terminate automatically when either
spouse dies or the recipient spouse remarries. However, now that cohabitation
is more acceptable, many recipients opt not to marry so they can receive
alimony even when supported by another adult with whom they live. In this
situation, payment of alimony actually creates financial inequity, rather
than curing it. Although the law does not allow for an automatic termination
of alimony when the recipient cohabits, it may provide the “substantial
change” of circumstances the payer needs to petition for a modification
of spousal support or a complete termination. (Please note that reimbursement
alimony only ends when the debt is repaid, and even survives the death
of either spouse.)

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