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Seeking Justice in Spousal Support Orders

Iowa law gives family court judges tremendous discretion when deciding
whether to order spousal support, how much to order, and for how long.
Since a decision regarding alimony could be the single greatest factor
determining your future financial security, you need experienced representation
from an attorney who is dedicated to delivering favorable results.

At Hope Law Firm, we’ve been litigating tough
divorce cases – often involving high net worth marital estates – since
2003. We’ve often been successful reaching settlement agreements
to take the final decision out of the judge’s hands, but we’re
prepared to fight in court if that’s what it takes to reach a fair outcome.

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The Court’s Broad Discretion in Iowa Alimony Cases

Under Iowa Code § 598.21A, “the court may grant an order requiring
support payments to either party for a limited or indefinite length of

That gives the court immense power – it could grant:

  • No alimony — As is often appropriate when each spouse has a career and roughly
    equal income
  • Alimony for a set, limited period of time — Known as “rehabilitative support” for a spouse who
    needs time, training, or education to enter or re-enter the workforce
  • Alimony with no definite end-point — Traditional alimony that might result in a lifetime award is common
    for long-term marriage where the spouses are older
  • Alimony to repay an obligation — “Reimbursement alimony” is awarded when one spouse
    has supported the other’s career advancement by paying education
    expenses, especially for advanced degrees and professional licenses.

With such a divergence in potential outcomes, you have to make sure you’ve
selected quality legal representation to present your case.

Factors Used to Decide Alimony Awards

To get a fair outcome, you have to retain a Des Moines alimony attorney
who understands the factors the court weighs in reaching its decision
and who comes prepared with a compelling argument that advances your position.

When awarding alimony, courts may consider:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and physical and emotional health of the parties
  • The distribution of property made pursuant to section 598.21
  • The educational level of each party at the time of marriage and at the
    time the action is commenced
  • The earning capacity of the party seeking maintenance, including educational
    background, training, employment skills, work experience, length of absence
    from the job market, responsibilities for children under either an award
    of custody or physical care, and the time and expense necessary to acquire
    sufficient education or training to enable the party to find appropriate
  • The feasibility of the party seeking maintenance becoming self-supporting
    at a standard of living reasonably comparable to that enjoyed during the
    marriage, and the length of time necessary to achieve this goal
  • The tax consequences to each party
  • Any mutual agreement made by the parties concerning financial or service
    contributions by one party with the expectation of future reciprocation
    or compensation by the other party
  • The provisions of a prenuptial agreement
  • Other factors the court may determine to be relevant in an individual case

That last factor opens the door to any number of points your attorney can
raise for the court to consider. At Hope Law Firm, we have the experience
to use that opening in the law to our client’s advantage, and to
fight for a favorable outcome.

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Because of the court’s broad discretion in alimony cases, you either
have to reach a settlement with your spouse or fight aggressively in court
to win. You can rely on our experience in
family law negotiation and litigation to help you achieve your goals.

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