The Plaintiff’s Guide to Property Insurance Claims

Knowledgeable representation from Iowa property damage lawyers

It is important to know that each property claim is unique and will be
thoroughly investigated by an official from an insurance company —
whose goal is to minimize what their company must pay out, not help you.
As such, hiring a lawyer with an eye for detail and extensive experience
to guide your property insurance claim can mean the difference between
a denied claim, drastically reduced compensation or full reimbursement
of your losses following the destruction of your property.

Preparing your insurance claim after property damage in Iowa

Hope Law Firm, PLC sees clients in Iowa through the property insurance
claims process and fights
bad faith claims when insurance companies do not fulfill their duties. Our skilled
attorneys help policyholders like you with:

  • Content inventory
  • Loss valuation
  • The determination of what is covered under your insurance policy
  • Examination under oath (EUO)
  • The completion and evaluation of relevant forms

We meticulously prepare
commercial and
homeowners’ property claims as well as handling cases for condominium associations and unit owners.
We work with a network of highly qualified professionals who can accurately
assess losses, compiling detailed records in the process. We approach
each claim with an open mind, tailoring our presentation of losses based
on what will claim or legal process will produce the maximum recovery
possible under the constraints of any given insurance policy.

Fighting unjust decisions

Our law firm is also here for clients when insurance companies fail to
act in good faith and use unfair tactics that delay or halt your ability
to rebuild your life or business following a catastrophic event. We are
fierce advocates with the experience necessary to litigate highly contested
insurance claims in court.

Our skilled property damage attorneys help with the insurance claims process in Iowa

When you need a guide to insurance claims in Iowa, you can count on Hope
Law Firm, PLC. We offer free initial consultations, evening and weekend
appointments when needed and can travel to your location to meet with
you and view the extent of the damage your property has sustained.

Reach out to our downtown West Des Moines law office
online or at (515) 298-5056 to speak to one of our Iowa property damage lawyers today.