Commercial Property Claim Attorneys in Des Moines

Assisting Businesses with Property Damage Claims throughout Iowa

Business owners invest in insurance policies to protect their assets should
an accident or disaster inflict substantial damage to their property.

Such policies often reimburse commercial entities for:

  • External building damage if they own the property
  • Internal structural damage
  • Destroyed or ruined property, such as office equipment
  • Losses sustained due to business interruption
  • Costs associated with repairs

Our lawyers can work with you if you have a
fire insurance claim,
storm damage claim, vandalism case, or another disaster on your hands. We also handle
bad faith insurance disputes and are well equipped to litigate cases should the need arise. Our commercial
property claims attorneys understand the nuances of professional indemnity
policies as well as business owners’ policies, and we tailor our
approach to your situation based on what your policy entails.

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Comprehensive Service Is a Staple of Our Practice

When it comes to helping small business owners in Iowa with commercial
property claims, Hope Law Firm does so wholeheartedly. Our team knows
how important your business is to you and treats your claim as if it were
our own. We appreciate how crucial it can be to restore your property
to working order so that you can get back to serving your customers. That
is why we push insurers to fulfill their legal and ethical obligations
before going to court becomes necessary.

If you are unsure what your
property insurance covers, an attorney from Hope Law Firm can review your policy with you
to determine the lost assets for which your insurer must reimburse you.
We can walk you through the process of filing a commercial property claim
so you know what to expect each step of the way. We help you deal with
the insurance company and make sure they fully reimburse you in a timely
manner. Our firm has handled thousands of insurance cases for clients
in Des Moines, throughout Iowa, Texas, and in other states — we
serve those in need, regardless of their geographic location.

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property claim. We offer free initial consultations, schedule evening
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you and view the extent of the damage your property has sustained.

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