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Helping the Victims of Property Damage

Although you maintain insurance coverage on your residential, condominium, or commercial property, you may face a legal fight when property damage occurs. Although you should expect prompt, fair insurance payment, you may experience delays, denial, and financial disappointment instead.

With significant experience in property adjustment claims and the legal actions needed to enforce claims, our seasoned Des Moines insurance attorneys at Hope Law Firm are ready to assist you. We provide aggressive, knowledgeable representation to help you rebuild your property and protect your financial health.

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Avoid the Pitfalls

No two property damage claims are the same – and neither are the
estimates of property adjustors evaluating the same claim. If you suffer
damage to your home or business, speak to a claims attorney at our law
firm. Good advice at the outset of an insurance claim saves you money,
heartache, and possibly legal action down the road.

With a background in property adjustment, partner
Andrew Hope leads a legal team structured to provide aggressive, affordable legal
guidance when you face serious property damage or experience difficulty
with your insurance claim.

We offer experienced help with claims involving:

Most Iowa homeowners are not familiar with the fine print of their policy
— even after disaster strikes. Coverage under any property insurance
policy should be carefully reviewed prior to making an insurance claim.

Understand Your Coverage & Protect Your Rights

Hope Law Firm can help you understand the coverage you have to make sure
insurance proceeds are not lost on services you do not need. If you have
suffered a fire, storm, or other damage, receiving full value of your
insurance is essential.

We help you address issues including:

  • Getting a fair deal: We provide a step-by-step explanation of your policy, analyze your damage
    claim, and let you know what to expect. We understand that damage to your
    property is personal, and we provide dedicated service to you throughout
    the claims process.
  • Contractors: Your choice of contractor to repair or rebuild your premises will stay
    with you as long as you own the property. We offer skilled counsel on
    choosing the right contractor for the right reasons. We also recommend
    you obtain an independent damage estimate to understand the work ahead.
  • Insurance problems: If your insurance claim is denied or delayed, we provide aggressive,
    affordable legal help to achieve a fair resolution on your behalf.
Andrew L. Hope, Personal Injury Lawyer
Des Moines Insurance Attorney, Andrew L. Hope

Our goal is to help you get the most from your insurance claim. Hope Law
Firm offers experienced, skilled help with insurance claims if your property
is damaged. Our insurance claim lawyers in Des Moines schedule weekend
and evening appointments when needed and offer a free consultation.

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