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News: Firefighter hurt while battling fire in Saylor Township

SAYLOR TOWNSHIP, IA - A firefighter was hurt while fighting a fire in Saylor Township on Monday, according to WHO 13.

Firefighters were responding to a residential fire at approximately 5:06 p.m. when they noticed smoke coming from miles away. They requested help from multiple crews to fight the fire.

Crews found a garage engulfed in flames when they arrived at the scene. Multiple vehicles inside the garage were also on fire.

Several fire departments worked together and had the fire under control in a timely manner.

One firefighter was hurt in the fire. They were taken to an area hospital, where they were treated and released.

Officials believe the fire was caused when sparks from a welder mixed with a hydraulic fluid.

The incident is under investigation

It is unclear exactly where in Saylor Township the fire took place.

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