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Skilled legal counsel on premises liability cases

What do varied stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Best Buy, Ikea, Sears and McDonald’s have in common?  They are businesses that have been sued by patrons who slipped and fell on their premises. With offices in West Des Moines, our lawyers at Hope Law Firm, PLC are experienced, compassionate and effective if you need a hand up after falling down.

A slip and fall accident can lead to serious personal injury. According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, falls are the second leading cause of death in our state. Falling at any age can lead to serious injury, including:

    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Lacerations, bruises, internal injury
    • Broken bones

What is premises liability?

If you are injured on property owned or controlled by another party, you may have a premises liability case. People slip, trip and fall for many reasons, some having to do with their own motor ability or balance. However, oftentimes a fall occurs because of conditions present on the premises. Types of dangerous conditions that lead to slip and fall accidents include:

    • Icy steps and walkways
    • Poor lighting in a stairwell or anywhere else
    • Worn or poorly maintained floors
    • Old carpeting, rugs and chipped flooring
    • Missing or loose banisters
    • Spills on flooring
    • Debris, cords, wiring or equipment left in walkways
    • Improperly managed repair or premises renovation
    • Lack of warning of newly cleaned floors

If you slip and fall, speak with our law firm as soon as possible. Rapid investigation provides the evidence and witness testimony needed to achieve compensation for your injury and losses in West Des Moines. Investigation also identifies potential parties to the action, including the business as a tenant, the property owner or a property management company responsible for maintaining the premises.

Determining your status

A premises liability case is based on your status as a visitor on the property on which you fell:

  • Invitee: An individual invited onto the premises to shop or eat is called an invitee.
  • Licensee: House guests or persons invited onto the premises for reasons other than business are licensees.
  • Trespasser: Someone illegally present on the property of another with no invitation is a trespasser.

It may have been Dollar General, Macy’s, Costco or CVS. Wherever you slipped and fell, you can count on our attorneys for strong, knowledgeable representation.


Our law firm delivers experienced legal help with slip and fall injury cases in West Des Moines

With offices in downtown West Des Moines, the legal team at Hope Law Firm, PLC offers free initial consultations, schedules evening and weekend appointments and can travel to your location to meet with you.

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