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Highly Qualified Attorneys Help With Iowa Bad Faith Claims

Talented representation in West Des Moines protecting your interests when your insurance company fails you

Insurance companies have a duty to provide fair compensation when those they cover have valid claims. However, insurance companies are businesses where profitability is, above all else, paramount.

Unscrupulous agents and other insurance company representatives routinely try to diminish the value of the insured’s claim to preserve their bottom line. As a result, many individuals, families and businesses who suffer property damage are left in the lurch when their insurer refuses to reimburse them after a disaster leads them to file storm damage or fire insurance claims. This action is called bad faith, and you have every right to contest an insurance company’s bad faith practices and seek what is yours according to your policy’s terms and conditions.

How to tell if you have a bad faith claim in West Des Moines

It can be difficult to know what constitutes bad faith if you are unfamiliar with Iowa’s laws governing insurance companies and their policies. Your insurance company may be guilty of bad faith if it:

    • Denies your claim despite its validity
    • Delays paying you in a timely manner
    • Twists the language of your policy to limit their obligation to you
    • Fails thoroughly to investigate your claim
    • Underestimates the extent of your losses to avoid paying you the true value of your claim

Filing an Iowa bad faith claim

While you can file a complaint against your insurer with the Iowa Insurance Division, we strongly encourage you to seek the assistance of a lawyer if your insurance company has acted in bad faith.

The attorneys at Hope Law Firm, PLC can help if you are the victim of bad faith practices regarding an insurance policy you believed would protect your property. With more than 40 years of combined experience handling property claims cases for clients just like you, our law firm is home to some of the most skilled bad faith claims lawyers in Iowa. We hold insurance parties liable for their actions and routinely litigate bad faith cases throughout the state and beyond if necessary.

Contact our firm to work with highly skilled Iowa bad faith claims lawyers

You can count on Hope Law Firm, PLC if you need assistance obtaining compensation when your insurance company unjustly denies your claim. We offer free initial consultations, schedule evening and weekend appointments and can travel to your location to meet with you and view the extent of the damage your property has endured.

Reach out to our downtown West Des Moines law office online or at 515-255-3559 to speak to one of our Iowa bad faith claims attorneys today.


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