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Riding a motorcycle can be a fun, cost-effective way to travel for those seeking the freedom of the open road. However that freedom — and lack of protection — also makes motorcycles dangerous. With nearly 190,000 registered motorcycle riders in Iowa, there were 53 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2012 alone. Working with clients injured in all types of vehicle and auto accidents, the attorneys at Hope Law Firm, PLC provide skilled legal counsel if you are injured in a motorcycle accident in West Des Moines.

Features of lawsuits

Like truck collisions, motorcycle accidents often result in serious personal injury. Because of the low profile of motorcycles, motorists distracted or simply not looking cause accidents that result in catastrophic injury to bikers, including wrongful death.

If you suffer a motorcycle accident injury, our attorneys thoroughly investigate and respond to all aspects of bike accident lawsuits in West Des Moines, including:

  • Cause: Frequent causes of motorcycle accidents include:
    • Distracted motorists or truck drivers often fail to see a motorcycle, leading to merge accidents or motorcyclists forced off the road.
    • Motorists misjudge motorcycle speed or do not appreciate the time needed safely to maneuver a motorcycle. Misjudging motorcycle capabilities leads motorists to pull directly in front of a motorcyclist, causing serious collisions.
    • Road impediments, poorly graded roads, roadside drop-offs and improperly signed and designed construction zones can cause bikers to lose control.
  • Fault: While law enforcement may be quick to assign fault for a motorcycle accident in West Des Moines to a rider, our attorneys protect your rights and prove the negligence of other parties as we move your case forward.
  • Bias: Too often, motorcycle riders and their passengers are considered thrill-seekers. While some motorcyclists speed or drive impaired, the majority abide by rules of the road at least as well as fellow motorists. When we handle your case, we address discrimination against motorcycle riders.


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