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Advice on Finding a West Des Moines Child Custody Attorney

Experience, knowledge and compassion are essential

In many cases, child custody cases turn into child custody battles even though the parents did not intend it to go that way. A child custody attorney in West Des Moines can help the parents decide on the best course of action for the child and avoid a battle.

Interviewing a child custody attorney in West Des Moines

Not all child custody attorneys are right for you. It is important to find a lawyer with the right qualifications and experience. When looking at child custody attorneys, contact more than one. Things to look for in a child custody attorney include:

  • Extensive and positive experience in family law and the court system
  • The knowledge and patience to answer all your questions
  • A genuine concern for your child’s safety
  • Concerned for your child’s relationship with you
  • An accessible attorney who returns your phone calls and treats you with respect

Don’t be afraid to take charge of the interview. Remember that you are hiring the attorney, not the other way around.

Choose a lawyer who can take your case through trial if necessary

If you fail to reach an agreement with your former spouse, you must settle those issues in court. When you walk into that courtroom, you must be as prepared as possible to get what you want. An attorney who has extensive experience with the family court system is a tremendous asset.

West Des Moines child custody attorneys are familiar with decision factors

A family court judge takes many factors into consideration before making a decision in the best interest of the child. These factors include:

  • Your child’s age, gender, and health
  • Emotional ties between your child, and you and your ex-spouse
  • Each spouse’s attitude about your child fostering a good relationship with the other
  • Each spouse’s willingness and ability to provide for your child’s food, shelter, clothing and medical care

At the Hope Law Firm, our attorneys know child custody law and can anticipate the factors a judge will rely on given the facts of your case. We can present an argument that shows you in the best possible light. We come to court prepared to fight for your parental rights and to get what is best for your child and you.

Trust the Hope Law Firm to take legal action to protect your child

It’s crucial to find the right child custody attorney to manage your dispute. You know what is best for your children, and the Hope Law Firm, P.L.C. knows how to work with you to achieve your goals. Call us today at 515-255-3559 or contact our West Des Moines office online to schedule an appointment.


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