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Experienced Attorneys Help You Understand Iowa Child Custody Law

Protecting parental rights and advancing the best interests of your children

Divorce can be very hard on your children, so when you have serious custody issues, your attorney must manage them with sensitivity and professionalism. At the Hope Law Firm P.L.C., we help parents assert their right to maintain a loving relationship with their children in a manner that truly advances the best interests of their children. We provide the information you need to select the course of action for your circumstances, and we fight to achieve your goals.

Legal custody and physical care in Iowa

In Iowa, there are two categories of rights and responsibilities that parents have regarding their minor children. These are:

  • Legal custody — Decision-making authority on issues that affect the child’s health, education and welfare
  • Physical care — The duty to provide a safe environment for the child that includes adequate shelter, clothing and nutrition

Either of these types of custody can be sole or joint. When establishing the custody arrangement best for the child, the court’s considerations include:

  • The suitability of each parent to be a custodian
  • The psychological and emotional development of the child
  • The parents’ ability to communicate with each other about the child
  • Each parent’s level of care for the child before and since the separation
  • Whether each parent can support the other’s relationship with the child
  • The child’s wishes, taking into account the child’s age and maturity
  • Whether the parents agree to joint custody
  • The geographic proximity of the parents
  • The safety of the child or the other parent

Iowa law directs that when the court orders sole physical custody, it must also order liberal visitation rights for the noncustodial parent so the child can have continuing physical and emotional contact with both parents. The court may restrict visitation if the court deems contact with the noncustodial parent is likely to harm the child.

Our West Des Moines attorneys take legal action to protect your child

When choosing a custody attorney, look for someone who is capable of asserting your rights, but is also motivated to protect your child from harm. At the Hope Law Firm, we conduct ourselves professionally and implement strategies designed to minimize emotional turmoil for your child. When there is a clear danger of physical or emotional abuse, we help our clients obtain protective orders to safeguard their children.

For professional management of child custody disputes, contact our Iowa law firm

The Hope Law Firm capably asserts your parental rights while safeguarding your child’s welfare. If you need advice on a custody issue, we are happy to offer a free consultation. Call us at 515-255-3559 or contact our West Des Moines office online, and we will do our best to see you within 24 hours.


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