Are Accident Reports Public Record in Iowa?

February 1, 2023
Are Accident Reports Public Record in Iowa?

After a car accident, you might be concerned about what actually happened. The accident report for your case can help you better understand the events that led to your accident and pursue compensation to help you move forward. But is this information public?

Let’s explore the privacy of accident reports in Iowa.

Who Can Access Accident Reports?

You might be concerned about the privacy of your accident report, especially after a traumatic accident. State law requires accident reports written by responding police officers only to be given to those involved in the accident, their attorneys, insurance companies, and insurance agents. Outside of those parties, you cannot access the accident report.

How Can I Access My Car Accident Report?

If you wish to retain a copy of your accident report for your records or personal injury case, you can request a copy of the officer’s report. You will need to submit a written request that includes general information regarding the accident, including the date, time, and location of the accident, as well as the names and driver’s license numbers of those involved. You also will need to pay a $4 fee for the copy.

If you completed an accident report on your own and submitted it, you can request a copy of your report as long as the report was completed in the past ten years. To obtain a copy of this report, you must provide your driver’s license number, a mailing address, and the date of the accident in your written request, as well as include $0.50 per copy.

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