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Considering Divorce In Iowa?

Divorce may be frightening and the process overwhelming. Obtaining information about divorce is an important first step. While each couple and each marriage story is different, the facts of divorce are similar.  

When thinking about divorce in Iowa, consider these basic points

  • Like all states in the county, Iowa offers no-fault divorce. The wrongdoing of one party need not be proven to obtain a divorce.  
  • Divorce is called dissolution and constitutes the process of dissolving the legal relationship created between you and your spouse at marriage. Necessary issues to address during divorce include spousal and child support, child custody and parenting time and division of the marital estate. 
  • Property division in Iowa is handled equitably. This means decisions left to a court result in a division of assets that is fair to both parties based on statutory factors. The assets and liabilities of a couple are known as their marital estate and includes property, value and debt obtained and incurred during marriage. Property proven to be separate, or not commingled with the marital estate, is not considered for division. Separate property often includes an inheritance, gifts to one party or assets owned prior to marriage that were not maintained by marital funds during the marriage. 
  • Depending upon the relationship between spouses, several paths toward divorce are available, including mediation, negotiation, collaborative divorce or traditional, litigated divorce. Low-conflict divorce generally leads to higher quality agreements and lower legal costs. 

Divorce is the first step toward a new life. If you have questions about the divorce process, talk to an experienced divorce attorney in Des Moines.