Mother Nature Can Wreak Havoc on Your Iowa Property

March 1, 2014
Mother Nature Can Wreak Havoc on Your Iowa Property

With little or no warning, nature can produce destructive weather conditions that become nightmares for property owners. Unfortunately, the state of Iowa is especially prone to hazardous weather conditions. According to the National Weather Service, hazardous weather caused more than $21 million in property damages across the state in 2012. This includes flooding, toxic mold, fire damage and total property destruction due to severe winds. After the weather clears, a property owner is left with a disaster area and the burden of filing an Iowa storm damage claim with their insurance company.

Often, insurance companies make unethical attempts to lessen the value of storm damage claims. They may even attempt to deny coverage due to a technicality or an obscure clause in the insurance policy. An attorney with experience in Des Moines storm damage insurance claims can help you stand up to your insurance company and recover fair compensation.

To get an accurate appraisal of your damages, your attorney should work with structural damage appraisers, engineers and other specialized professionals. Even if the exterior of the structure appears undamaged, the interior may require extensive repairs. With a comprehensive legal strategy, you can recover the full cost of any property damage and repairs.

At Hope Law Firm, P.L.C., our legal team has more than 40 years of collective experience handling property damage claims. We will use our skills and knowledge to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your Iowa storm damage. Contact our office today for your free consultation. We schedule appointments at your convenience, including nights and weekends. We can even travel to your location to view the storm damage firsthand.