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Burn injury

Common Causes of Burn Injuries & Accidents

Investigating your case to maximize recovery

Burns can result in immediate, severe pain, lifelong disabilities and life-altering complications. The person or corporation that contributed to the accident should be held accountable. The Hope Law Firm, PLC can investigate your burn case to establish negligence and calculate the damages you are likely to suffer over your lifetime. Although no amount of money can replace what you have lost, rightful compensation can help you obtain necessary medical care and maintain the best quality of life possible.

Common causes of burn injuries

People are often burned by contact with fire, scalding water, chemicals, electricity, and radiation. Our firm regularly handles burn injuries caused by:

  • House fire due to a defective appliance or faulty wiring
  • Explosion, electrocution or chemical exposure leading to a construction injury 
  • Tractor-trailer accident, such as one involving an 18-wheeler carrying flammable materials
  • Fireworks accident caused by a negligent person
  • Radiation from an improperly calibrated medical device
  • Scalding water from a defective boiler or pipe

These thermal, chemical, electrical and radiation burns destroy skin and other tissue.

Industrial and job site burn accidents

Workers are put at higher risk of burns in some industries, including construction, manufacturing, agriculture and fire rescue. By taking the right precautions, employers can minimize or eliminate burn hazards. Occupational burn hazards include:

  • Construction — Chemical spills, electrocutions, explosions, and fires commonly result in construction site injury. Improper storage of flammable materials and failure to shut off electricity are often to blame.
  • Manufacturing — Employees in the manufacturing trades often work with volatile and toxic materials that can explode, catch fire or penetrate skin. Problems may result because of the conditions under which the materials are stored or handled.
  • Agriculture — Farms contain many burn risks associated with fire, explosion, and chemicals. Contact with fertilizers and pesticides can burn skin. In addition, silos without proper ventilation can explode.
  • Fire rescue — Danger is inherent in first responders’ jobs, but employers owe these brave men and women the proper clothing, equipment, and protocols to minimize burn risks.

House fires are another common cause of burns. A house fire can injure or kill people, and they are commonly caused by:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Gas leaks
  • Defective appliances
  • Overheated lamps or space heaters
  • Boiler explosions
  • Malfunctioning fire alarms

We can investigate the circumstances of your accident and look for evidence to bolster your case.

Get the help you need with your burn injury claim

In Des Moines, The Hope Law Firm, PLC handles challenging burn injury cases. Our team thoroughly investigates the cause of the accident and takes steps to maximize recovery. Call us today at (515) 298-5056 or contact us online to get the help you need. We do not charge for the first appointment, and we handle claims on contingency.